Gurgaon Water Forum (GWF) | गुडगाँव जल मंच

The Gurgaon Water Forum (GWF) is an interactive multi-stakeholder platform coordinated by the Transdisciplinary Research Cluster on Sustainability Studies (TRCSS), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi.  Through this platform, we wish to deliberate on the challenges of how to ensure improvement in water availability, equitable access to drinking water, disposal, treatment and use of waste water, management of everyday and extreme weather flooding by bringing together the persons active in the field. We believe that a lot can be learnt from the direct experience and the local knowledge of people working on the issues of planning and governance of water and waste water.

The aim is to develop a shared understanding of the problem and work towards the development of a collective practical strategy for the improvements in planning and governance systems. In Gurgaon, the people will have to work for the establishment of a platform to sustain the processes of public engagement on water and wastewater related challenges. It is necessary to organise a process of wider consultation with various groups of people, institutions, public agencies, NGOs, Resident Welfare Associations, workers’ organisations, marginalised communities, policy makers, planners, activists and environmental groups, etc.

We intend to ultimately catalyse and create a feedback driven platform capable of handling public communication of knowledge relevant for policy making on water and waste water and developing mechanisms for knowledge mobilisation to foster participatory and sustainable urban planning practices in the region.

The GWF platform is accessible at


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